We Have Two Weeks to Flatten The Lies

If anyone still has any doubt that Erin O’Toole is just another Liberal, his U-turns in the past few days should have cleared things up.

O’Toole ran as a “true blue” conservative during the CPC leadership race.

But his mask fell off as soon as he became leader.

He flip-flopped on opposing Trudeau’s carbon tax. Now he wants one too.

He flip-flopped on defunding the CBC. Now he promises to review their mandate.

He flip-flopped on opposing vaccine passports. Now he wants to impose one across the country, just like Trudeau.

He flip-flopped on Trudeau’s arbitrary and unfair firearms ban. Now he supports it.

Erin O’Toole is a liar. A hypocrite. A fraud.

He’s adopted all of Trudeau’s platform.

He’s just another Trudeau.

There is only one alternative to prevent our country from become an authoritarian hellhole.

It’s the PPC.

We have two weeks left to flatten the lies and convince more Canadians to support us.

Talk to your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Reach out to your local PPC candidate and help them.

And if you can spare $25 today, that will help me fight for Canada. -Many thanks!

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