No To Medical Tyranny

The People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier was in Montreal on August 14, 2021 demonstrating with many thousands of freedom fighters against vaccine passports. Indeed, Maxime has traveled from one end of Canada to the other for over a year now to participate in the many freedom rallies that are still raging on with greater numbers of people, against the Draconian/Fascist Covid measures of lockdowns, masks, vaccine passports, and vaccine mandates.

These freedom rallies and other events also gave Maxime the opportunity to meet with Canadians from all walks of life, in person, to speak with them about the issues that matter the most to them. He met with families, immigrants, business owners, entrepreneurs, faith leaders, veterans, teachers, nurses, doctors, virologists, epidemiologists, medical scientists, constitutional lawyers, etc.

During his cross country freedom tours, Maxime was given many hefty fines, and was arrested and jailed for ignoring unconstitutional or unlawful health measures, and for exercising his Chartered Rights & Freedoms to travel freely, assemble with others freely, and most importantly to speak freely against the government’s authoritarian Covid rules, which has nothing to do with health, it’s all about power and control in Fascist/Communist style.

Now, 18 months after being told “just two weeks to flatten the curve,” these unscientific, senseless attacks on our rights and freedoms continue. Actually, these lockdowns and Covid measures will never end because once this fake pandemic is over, they'll keep us in lockdowns for their fake climate crisis also.

Trudeau just announced a few days ago that all federal civil servants and workers will have to be vaccinated or lose their job. And that only vaccinated Canadians will be able to travel by plane, train or boat within Canada and abroad soon. He’s ignored Parliament, making some of his own rules, like a dictator would. After all he did say he admires China’s style of government, which is Communist. He spent hundreds of billions of dollars to buy votes by promising to give out more money to everyone, that our coffers don’t have, and bribed the media in only reporting good things about him by giving them an additional secret handout of $61 million dollars, above the $1.2 Billion they receive yearly from his government of our tax payer money.

A People’s Party government would end all corporate welfare or money hand outs to big corporations and media organizations. Saving Billions per year towards getting Canada out of bankruptcy. The fact is, Justin Trudeau doesn’t care about democracy. He wants Canada to become a police and surveillance state like China and other tyrannical ruled countries. Indeed, we are witnessing the most sustained, unprecedented series of frontal attacks against our rights and freedoms in our lifetime. Whether you are vaccinated or not is irrelevant. We’ve had vaccines for decades and much worse viruses, diseases and infections than Covid who’s survival / recovery rate is 99.8%! And never in the history of humanity has the world locked-up it’s citizens, crashed or bankrupted the global economy, and coerced or forced experimental pharmaceutics to be injected into everyone for a disease that’s no more dangerous than the common cold or flu.

Most importantly, if we don’t stop this medical and political mafia run by the United Nations and the World Health Organization, both heavily funded by Bill Gates and other Globalist crooks, our rights, our freedoms, and our very way of life will be destroyed under the New World Order and Great Reset plans that Trudeau and ALL other establishment party has signed Canada into. Only the People’s Party stands against this Fascist / Communist plan. This September 20th - vote for freedom, vote for the People’s Party!

Can you contribute $5 to my campaign fund today to help me fight this rising tyranny? Thank you so much for standing up for Canada! -Nancy

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