Election Scrutineers Needed

Election day is fast approaching!

First off, I would like to remind everyone that taking pictures of marked ballots is a violation of the Canada Elections Act, and such pictures should NOT be shared (whether your own or someone else) on social media.

Most importantly, Monday, September 20th marks the day that many Canadians will go to the polls to cast their ballots, which is the time for PPC supporters to take action and stand as scrutineers to observe the ballot counting process.

Scrutineers play an essential role in ensuring a free and transparent election. The corrupt establishment parties will find any reason to throw out PPC ballots, we need scrutineers in every polling place to ensure our Party is treated fairly!

Will you help us?

We’re counting on principled patriots to step up and act as scrutineers to stand on guard for our democracy.

For more information on what acting as a scrutineer entails, read our Scrutineer Guide. Don’t worry if you do not have experience doing this, there is also a Guidelines for Candidates’ Representatives available for new scrutineers, and you will receive guidance at the polling station from Elections Canada officials.

You will also need to bring the Authorization of a Candidate's Representative (EC 20020) Form with you at the polling station to be signed in front of an Elections Canada official.

Unfortunately, Elections Canada requires that all scrutineers wear a mask inside the polling station at all times. Medical exemptions will not be accepted.

If you would like to enlist as a scrutineer, please click this link to sign up for your local PPC Candidate!

Additionally, In order to ensure any complaints are addressed in an expedient fashion on election day, a new email address has been set up specifically for this purpose. Any concerns and complaints regarding the voting or scrutineering process on election day should be directed to elections@peoplespartyofcanada.ca

Please make sure any complaints include the following details:

· Riding where incident occurred

· Polling station number (or address)

· A specific description of the events that occurred (including names and times if possible)

· Whether a complaint has been submitted to the local Returning Officer or Elections Canada

Without these crucial details, our team has very limited ability to follow up accordingly.

Finally, I will need someone to observe the counting of special ballots in my riding of Madawaska-Restigouche, which will take place on Wednesday September 22 from 10:00 am at the Cité des jeunes AM Sormany in Edmundston.

Please use the entrance located on the RIGHT SIDE at rue du 15 Août. A yellow Elections Canada sign will be in the door. The count takes about 6 hours, so it is recommended that you bring your lunch and something to drink.




If you can spare $5, $10 or $20 today, that would help me fight for Canada. -Many thanks!

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