Nancy Mercier



Born in 1971, I'm a proud Acadian/Cajun Canadian Patriot with some Mi'kmaq aboriginal family ancestry or deep roots to this land, who grew-up in the Campbellton, NB region, where I met my husband Mike of 29 years. After working and studying in Toronto, Ontario for over 10 years, and following a serious car accident, we returned to New-Brunswick in 1998 so I could rehabilitate from the accident, which caused a spinal cord injury and quadriplegia or paralysis to my four limbs and torso. We have lived and worked in New-Brunswick ever since.


Standing on a platform of individual freedom, personal responsibility, fairness and respect, I am running for Member of Parliament in Ottawa as a candidate with the People’s Party of Canada (PPC)  led by Maxime Bernier, in the riding of Madawaska-Restigouche, NB, because I believe that Canada needs critical changes and a stronger leadership that will do politics differently, which includes, putting Canadians and Canada FIRST! But mostly, I want to help restore our eroding Democracy, Constitution, Sovereignty and Charter of Rights & Freedoms, as well as, aid in improving our battered economy and healthcare system.


Ultimately however, it is the frailty of our freedoms and the real threat of Globalism and Fascism or Communism overrunning our nation under UN Agenda 21 or 2030 and The Great Reset plan, that inspired me the most to run for political office in the upcoming federal election.


Significantly, I am not a seasoned or career politician, nor am I a wealthy elite. In fact, I have never served as a politician, but I do have years of experience in “being of service” and I have a deep desire in making Canada and Canadians Strong, Proud and Free Again!


With the awareness of my own challenges, and having provided spiritual-pastoral care or grief counselling to ill and terminally ill individuals,  I advocate for persons with disabilities, for better end of life care and better mental health services (NOT assisted suicide), including, more alternative health care services, like Medavie’s Extra-Mural Homecare Nursing Program, which I've personally benefited from.

As a freedom fighter and social activist for the past 25 years, I am known for being outspoken and assertive, I say what needs to be said, and I do what needs to be done. Emphasizing facts over theories, I tell the truth even when it would be easier not to.  


When asked about what advantages there might be in voting for me in the last election, I answered, “It’s better to vote for someone who’s paralyzed from the neck down, rather than someone who’s paralyzed from the neck up!” 


Finally, I do my best to be an example of strength, courage and rationality, including, being a voice for those who have none, and hope you'll support me with:

  • A vital financial contribution to help me pay my campaign expenses (any amount helps) 

  • Like/Share my social media posts and videos

  • Spreading the word about me and the PPC

  • And of course, Vote for me!

Thank You Deeply for Your Support!



Making Canada Strong & Free

My mission is to offer Canadians a real principled alternative to the corrupt establishment parties, which rely on pandering and vote-buying schemes to further their interests and those of lobbyists, rather than those of the people.

I envision a bright future where the government puts Canadians first, instead of trying to please other countries and globalist organizations, like the United Nations and China. Where politicians and bureaucrats get out of your way rather than trying to control every aspect of your life, your health and the economy. Where our country is united in the pursuit of common goals instead of being divided by identity politics.

I want to make Canada a place where you and your family can thrive instead of just getting by, and achieve your dreams, no matter how big or small they are. But in order to achieve these goals we need a drastic change of government 

Most of what’s wrong in this country today originates from Ottawa. We have a government that keeps growing and intruding on provincial jurisdictions, despite what the Constitution says. A government that keeps infringing upon our fundamental rights and freedoms.


We don’t have a federal government with limited powers anymore. We have an imperial / domineering government. But, despite all its flaws, the PPC believes Canada is still a great country worth saving and have a plan to do so: Radical Decentralization.


We are losing our basic rights and freedoms at a rapid pace. Our governments keep growing. Our traditional Western values are fast eroding. If this trend doesn’t reverse, we can all say goodbye to our freedoms, our prosperity and way of life.


Whether or not you have a Conservative, Liberal, NDP, or Green government in Ottawa – it won’t make any difference, as they've all signed-up to the globalists technocratic / fascist  agendas and plans, such as the Great Reset and Agenda 21.

The PPC is the only party openly fighting to reclaim our rights, our freedoms, and our sovereignty against the globalists. 

  • The only party openly fighting to restore our institutions and our federation as they were conceived. 

  • The only party openly fighting for true conservative values of freedom, respect, fairness, and responsibility. 

  • The only party proposing to save our country and our freedoms by giving more power to the people.

Significantly, all the other parties want to drive us into a wall at different speeds. The PPC wants to stop the car and change direction! That’s the option the PPC is offering you and all Canadians across our great country. I hope you will consider it.


I invite you to check out our platform and to become a member.


Join with me and the PPC, together we can make Canada a stronger, freer, more prosperous and united country we can be proud to call home!